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Efficiency. Delivery. Innovation.

Our goal is to make our customers more competitive. For this reason, we have committed to continual improvement through lean manufacturing. The lean techniques we use help us identify waste, eliminate redundancies, improve response time and increase manufacturing flexibility. As a result, we are able to provide a high-quality product that also saves you time and money.

Why Is Lean Manufacturing Important to You?


  • Quick changeover procedures reduce press setup times
  • Multiple presses maximize output speed
  • Cross training and equipment redundancy allow for job movement between presses to accommodate varying workloads, customer demand and maintenance schedules without extra downtime and costs
  • Standard work procedures ensure consistent turnout, regardless of when the job is printed or on what press


  • From the warehouse to the equipment, to the tools and raw materials, every aspect of our facility is set up for efficiency and speed
  • Our lean teams work together from press to inspection to customer support


  • Running “roll to roll” provides immediate feedback to press operators for adjustments
  • Using automated plate mounting equipment improves our ability to maintain registration throughout the press run
  • Our training methods provide staff members with consistent decisions regarding mid-job adjustments and quality controlling the final product


  • The savings gained from increased efficiency and waste reduction are passed on to YOU

See the difference.

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