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After Winning Best of the Best in Digital Printing in 2017, Syracuse Label & Surround Printing won once again in 2018. Awards announced in Brussels on September 25, 2019

On September 25th, 2019, at Labelexpo Europe in Brussels, it was announced Syracuse Label & Surround Printing had won Best of the Best for Digital Printing in the L9 World Label Awards competition for the 2nd consecutive year. The best of the best award was the final achievement in the award-winning journey that our Drawbridge Gin label traveled and our second trip onto the world stage.

The process for North American Printers begins at the TLMI Annual Label Awards Competition. TLMI is the Tag & Label Manufacturers Institute, a trade organization whose members make up over 65% of the total market in all of North America. Their annual labels competition pits members’ labels against each other, based on the printing method utilized for production with various sub-categories within those print techniques. After winning a subcategory, a label moves on to the Best of Class judging against all other winners within that print category. All TLMI award recipients are revealed at their annual meetings in the fall.

Once TLMI announces their Best of Class winners, they enter those labels on behalf of the winning printers, into the L9 World Label Award Competition. The L9 World Label Awards is a global competition of printers from trade associations (similar to TLMI) across the globe that includes 7 continents: USA (TLMI), Japan (JFLP), Europe (FINAT), Australia (FPLMA), New Zealand (SALMA) China (PEIAC) and India (LMAI). Just like the TLMI competition, the L9 awards are judged on printing style sub classes, where winners move on to the Best of The Best in the style of printing used to produce their labels. The awards are announced the following year of entry, with the subcategory winners in March and the Best of the Best are announced in October of the following year at Labelexpo Europe in Brussels.

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