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Syracuse Label & Surround Printing, Macaran Printed Products and W.N. Van Alstine to Merge

The merger of Syracuse Label & Surround Printing, Macaran Printed Products and W.N. Van Alstine brings together three well respected industry leaders. It also brings together three organizations with Common Cause and Common Culture.

Preserve Legacy

Provide Security

Sustain Growth

Preserve the Legacies of each organization, Provide Security to our employee owners, and Sustain Growth and remain relevant in an extremely competitive mid-marketplace.

Once the merger is complete our operation will reflect the following:

3 Physical Buildings

• 165,000 sq. ft. of Manufacturing Space

Variety of Press Technologies
• Flexographic
• Combination (Screen / Flexo)
• Digital Inkjet
• HP Digital
• Complete Digital Finishing

• Pressures Sensitive Labeling
• Flexible Packaging
• Shrink Labeling
• Semi-Rigid Re-Close

Annual Sales
• $65M

Employee Owners
175 Full Time Employee Owners

Press Count & Capabilities
• 17 total presses
• 7″ – 22″ press widths
• New Gallus LabelMaster added in 2022 with up to 14 colors and in-line embellishment capabilities

• Spirits
• Food
• Beverage
• Household Products
• Pharmaceutical
• Health & Beauty

Intellectual Property
• Semi-Rigid Re-Close

Our Customers Win Because We Are Better Together

The merger allows us to better serve our target markets and key customers.

  • The new organization will be better positioned to compete.
  • We will improve our raw material buying power.
  • We will share “best practices” to improve overall performance.
  • We will enhance our press complement and invest in new press technology when needed.
  • An enhanced press complement provides customers expanded graphic opportunities and container decoration options, helping them to differentiate their brand.
  • We will provide proprietary products and continued innovation.
  • We will provide expanded capability within core markets and key customers.
  • Industry-experienced leadership brings expertise to help customers avoid risk.

Our Employee Owners Win Because We Are Stronger Together

The merger allows us to preserve the legacies of each organization and provide security to our employee owners.

  • Continuation of our ESOP Corporate Structure.
  • Greater potential for increase in ESOP value.
  • A stronger, more competitive company is intended to provide more job security and less risk to each individual employee owner.

Our Customers and Our Suppliers Will See No Changes to Our Day-to-Day Operations

  • Our goal is to make this transaction as easy on our customers and suppliers as possible.
  • Continuity is paramount – sales, service and accounting contacts with each company will remain the same.
  • All vendor relationships will remain intact.
  • There will be no changes to any terms or contracts.
  • Our visual identities will remain – Syracuse Label & Surround Printing, Macaran Printed Products and W.N. VanAlstine will continue to use their branded logos.
  • Of course, if any customer ever has any questions, please feel free to reach out to your sales or customer service representative.

Experienced Leadership Team

  • Kathy Alaimo – Co-CEO
  • Nick Van Alstine – Co-CEO
  • Tom Sargent – President
  • Gary Riley – President, W. N. Van Alstine
  • Dan Rosenbaum – Chief Financial Officer
  • Paul Roux – Chief Technical Officer
  • Thomas Faugno – Chief Sales Officer
  • Nick Noyes – Chief Operating Officer

For more detailed information, read the entire press release here.

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