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Value Added Packaging

Shrink sleeves are the ultimate billboard for your brand. Not only is shrink a label, but it’s also an advertisement. They use vivid colors and graphics to surround containers and packaging, which demand attention on any shelf.

What Are Shrink Sleeves?

Shrink sleeves are one of the fastest growing labeling methods in the packaging industry. Their ability to fit complex contours and provide 360 degrees of branding space helps them deliver shelf differentiation. They’re constructed from a shrinkable film that “shrinks” when introduced to an elevated level of heat. Shrink sleeves are typically applied by hand or machine.  Once the sleeves have been applied to a container, they are run through heat sources like heat tunnels and steam tunnels to be shrunk.

Why Shrink Sleeves?

Your product is at the mercy of the shelf that it’s on. Consumers make purchasing decisions rapidly while looking at shelves packed with hundreds of bottles, containers, and packages.  For this reason, your brand must have an impact.  And shrink sleeves serve as the perfect vehicle to convey your message while wowing your audience.

35% of Purchases Occur Because It “Caught My Eye”

Eye Catching – With only a few seconds available to grab a consumer’s attention, shrink sleeves provide the perfect canvas for capturing shelf appeal. As a result of its ability to cover your container with graphics from head to toe and 360 degrees around, shrink is a designer’s dream.

3 to 7 Second Chance to Convert a Browser into a Buyer

Intricate Packaging Design – Perfectly suited for complex contours, which allow for imaginative container shapes and sizes.

When Shopping “Off List,” 90% of Consumers Purchase Items Regarded as Bargains

Promotional Tool – Combine containers for seasonal deals, promote a new product line or connect complimentary items with a multi-pack design.

Capture Your Audience & Container

Tamper Evidence – Incorporate safety into design, by taking advantage of the natural safety seal shrink sleeves provide. Additionally, we can add a perforation for ease of opening.


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Examples of Shrink Sleeves

See the difference.

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