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Flexible Packaging

Packaging That Isn’t so Rigid

In the battle to be different, flexible packaging stands out. From unique designs to cost savings and convenience, flexible packaging offers features and benefits for any consumer market.

What Is Flexible Packaging?

Packettes, pouches, sachets and bags consisting of engineered film, foil or paper structures that feature various application-specific layers. These “flexible” structures are printed, filled and sealed for end use. The built-in barriers protect the package from outside elements such as moisture, oxygen and light, while preventing odor emission and content seepage. Additionally, its weight and shape help brand owners save on space and transportation. Furthermore, these same qualities attract consumers with their distinctive appearance and portability. Consequently, the ability to protect and preserve, save on space and transportation costs, while increasing brand awareness, makes flexible packaging an ideal option for nearly any industry.

Why Syracuse Label & Surround Printing?

We combine our press capabilities, experience and strategic supplier relationships to deliver flexible packaging solutions that make you more competitive. For this reason, our flexible packaging products are found in most major consumer industries including cosmetic, food and beverage, pharmaceutical and household retails.

Options for Any Industry

Our robust supplier network enables us to offer a diverse catalog of flexible packaging options. Supported and unsupported films, foils, lid stock, and multilayered and laminated structures are just some of the products available to you.

Short, Long & Anywhere in Between

Whether it’s a small set of multiple SKUs, or a long run of the same brand, our wide range of digital and flexographic technologies will accommodate any production size.


Sample packettes or sachettes are a popular option in the health and beauty industry. Special film and foil structures made to handle creams, lotions, cosmetics and fragrances can be used for magazine inserts or as handouts at high-end department stores. Tandem packs allow brand owners to promote complimentary items together such as conditioners and shampoos.  Also available are tear-away instant redeemable coupons.

Portion Control

Create fast and convenient premeasured pouches for powders, seasonings, supplements or pharmaceutical single-dose packs.

Stick Packs

Small, easy-to-open, tubular packettes are perfect for energy boosters and flavoring additives for food and beverage products.


We’re flexible just like your packaging. Contact Us for more information.

Examples of Flexible Packaging

See the difference.

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