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Quality Management System

Syracuse Label & Surround Printing has established, documented, implemented, and maintained a quality system to govern the processing of our printed products. These standard operating procedures interlink each department with specific sign-offs and checks throughout our entire process. Consequently, the products we produce deliver consistent quality with every run. As a result, no matter what shelf it’s on, your brand will maintain its identity.

Verified Consistency

As a result of our strict quality standards, Syracuse Label & Surround Printing has been ISO certified since 1997. Furthermore, our continuous drive to improve the effectiveness of our systems led to our ISO-9001:2015 registration in December of 2009.

Brand Integrity

Not only do our quality systems comply with ISO standards but also with the strict quality demands of GMI. As a matter of fact, we are one of just a select few GMI certified print suppliers for both flexographic and digital printing. As leaders in brand equity, GMI audits and continually monitors and measures the performance of print suppliers to ensure brand identity.  Altogether, our ability to match and maintain color allows us to offer your brand a unique, uniform shelf presence.

What Else?

  • Stand-alone quality control department that ensures product is checked objectively
  • Advanced comparator software and systems that compare all text and graphics of any print job. Provide detailed reports of any defects and/or missing/added elements of artwork. Used for file-to-file, file-to-print or print-to-print.
  • Frequently audited for pharmaceutical and food safety compliance
  • Spectrophotometers and densitometers for color matching
  • Bar-code verification equipment

See the difference.

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